The Investment Process – 9 Easy Steps

Our process is simple...allowing you to experience the joy of owning a “hassle-free” investment in 9 Easy Steps.

1. Select Investment Property

After you’ve found the perfect RDM investment property you wish to purchase, contact us and proceed to the next stage.

2. Sign Purchase & Sale Agreement

This shows your details, the property information, the price agreed, the earnest money deposit (EMD), the method of payment, the closing date and other information.

3. Send EMD of 20% of the Purchase Price to RDM account

This shows your commitment to purchase the property and will ensure that the property is taken off the market and reserved for you.

4. Preparation of Closing Documents

The lawyer will prepare all the closing documents. This shows the total price you are paying for your property, deposits you have paid (EMD), closing costs, any fees and taxes owed.

5. Electronically Sign Closing Documents and Wire Completion Funds

You will need to wire RDM global the amount specified before the closing date together with the electronically signed closing documents.

6. Close & Fund

Upon closing, the lawyer will register you as the new property owner with the county and you are now the proud owner of your investment property.

7. Property Insurance

RDM has negotiated Property Insurance under a Master Policy to get the best possible rate which it passes directly on to its clients.

RDM pays for the property insurance for first 3 years.

8. Home warranty Insurance

Home warranty is an appliance service protection plan that covers the maintenance expenses associated with household items such as refrigerator, plumbing system, electrical wiring, etc

9. Property Management

Generally, rental payments are collected within the first week of each month. The check is then processed, statements are updated, and outgoing payments are deposited into owners’ accounts by the 15th of each month.