Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a US green card if I buy property in United States of America?

The EB-5 visa provides a method of obtaining a green card for foreign nationals who invest at least 500,000USD in the United States. Please get in touch for more information.

How can I be sure my investment property is being well managed?

The return on your investment property is closely tied to its management. Receiving a steady income stream is imperative, so RDM GLOBAL has spent substantial time and effort finding property managers capable of reflecting the quality of our properties. Furthermore, we have developed an excellent working relationship with each property manager to help ensure that every investor enjoys the best possible service. All property managers associated with RDM GLOBAL are equipped to meet the needs and expectations of investors, both domestic and foreign. They can issue all vendor and third party payments, quickly resolve any tenant issues or requests, coordinate repairs, and provide regular reporting. If and when a vacancy occurs, properties are professionally marketed and tenants are qualified through a stringent screening process.

How difficult is it to find Tenants for the properties?

RDM GLOBAL only offers attractive properties in the right areas that have the most attractive features. It is not difficult to rent an attractive property in the right neighbourhood. We present the property fully renovated so the tenant has a new clean home to move into. Generally it takes no more than 2-4 weeks in the markets we are in to find the right tenant.

Is there finance available on the properties you have available?

We have several finance options available for U.S. Residents through local financial institutions. Obtaining finance for Foreign Nationals is very difficult at the moment given the strict lending requirements of most US financial institutions. However, from time to time we have financing available to foreign nationals for particular properties. Please enquire at the time of making your investment.

After you sell me a property, do I have any further contact with you?

RDM GLOBAL stands behind all its properties. We follow up on all after sale issues. If your property manager cannot help you with an issue we welcome any of our investors to contact us at any time with questions or any concerns.